– SO REBELLIOUS – So rebellious and so lovingfrom escape is she escaping,from oblivion rememberingso much ardent existence.How much dark tensiona certain burning whimunbuttons your dress,your olive nakednessthat ripens with the moonmoved away from where it came from. So rebellisch in der Liebe,auf der Flucht vor Deiner Flucht.Nicht vergessen sind die Spurendeiner feurigen Essenz.Angst und …

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QUE BUENO (2016)

– WHAT A GOOD THING – It’s a good thing they come looking for Eden…The hot trail burns their feet.Hunger and fear are left behind.I wait for you with a smile, I want to hug you. The wars in the Middle EastThat are killing the people.Damned are the traffickersof weapons, of gods and death. It’s …

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– THE COLD BED – What a dizzying lifeWhat a dagger to climbBleeding tombstone, will forget.They broke, malasañaThe ropes of the barracksTraitor, they won’t forget you. Looking at yourself in the mirror of painit breaks, because it’s the rear-view mirror. So much vanity, so much hypocrisy.When after death the body goes to the cold grave.So …

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