In the buildings
cruel fears hove.
Reprisals can be smelled
in the dark humanity.
Over the precipice
Love is thrown down the cliff.
They wake up with fear
to the harsh reality.

But Victor Jara
and his tribute to love
is remade;
and so an illusion emerges from the tunnel,
swimming at sea alone, a determination,
that cruel promise of the dream.

Oh, lost dreams
dreams of the wind,
dreams of the sea.
Oh, lost dreams,
dreams of time
that will return.

In thoughts
shadows of regret
hide from the scene
they refuse to roll.
Illusions return,
old emotions return
raising the hope
to be the only truth.

The fugitive returns
from the promised paradise.
There is only the time to come,
and the only will at stake
burns the reality of a dream.

Oh lost dreams…

Lost dreams,
in solitude.
Dreams of the wind
that will return.
Dreams of the time
that will invoke
lost dreams
of loneliness.

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