So rebellious
Lyrics: Rodrigo Tobar

So rebellious and so loving
from escape is she escaping,
from oblivion remembering
so much ardent existence.
How much dark tension
a certain burning whim
unbuttons your dress,
your olive nakedness
that ripens with the moon
moved away from where it came from.

So rebellisch in der Liebe,
auf der Flucht vor Deiner Flucht.
Nicht vergessen sind die Spuren
deiner feurigen Essenz.
Angst und Spannung Dein Begleiter
yet unbändiges Verlangen
you are leaving the knives of your dogs,
the black olive tree like a black olive tree
that in the Mondschein are longing for
far away from your home

You came rampant
behind an outlawed love
but it had already been written
that your fate was sealed.
But nothing mattered,
The steps became slow
and the sleepy eyes
almost everything not wanting,
almost no one dawning
sensed your gory dreams.

So weit weg von Deinem Zuhause.

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