Tonight, tonight,
new moon shines through my window.
Tonight, tonight
everything shines like a morning.

My child is flourishing
with her enchantments
and she wants to play cheerfully
in these meadows.

Tonight, tonight
the stars are playing in the courtyard.
Tonight, tonight,
in my village people dance Candela.

Gotta get there in time
to sing for her, my arms are open
my arms are open
to embrace you.

Tonight, tonight,
the wind blows away the sorrows.
Tonight, tonight
in my street they’re living Christmas Eve.

Her mother is dressing her
of sunflowers.
And guitars are dreaming outside
of their loves.

Tonight, tonight,
it’s raining roses on the riverbank.
Tonight, tonight,
mermaids rejoice in the sea.

The men bring down the fishing
From their boats
and the seagulls inspire

Christmas Eve, to sing,
Christmas Eve, for dreaming,
Christmas Eve, for peace.

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