The eggshell that life broke
is a door without lintel.
The shell that protected everything,
the tender wound marks the skin.

And the street was waiting for you
with its paths without direction.
And the human tide breathing,
all secret with its extension.

The eggshell that opened to life…

The shell that connected to life
Is like a paper boat.
The shell that bared your days
Is whirling the carrousel.

And the whole sky is greeting you,
and your head like dawn.
Reality, a bell awakening
with the rituals of your blossoming.

The eggshell that opened you to life…

The eggshell…it’s cracking
the eggshell…that unveiled you
the eggshell…opens the paths for you
that intermingle with passion.
The eggshell…that opened you to life
the eggshell… and then
the eggshell… I would like to advise you
that if you study it’s for the best.

The eggshell…opportunities
the eggshell…you’ll have plenty of them.
the eggshell… with patience, everything
Has its just resolution.
The eggshell…set free your endeavour
the eggshell…share your song
the eggshell…enjoy the moment
when your eggshell breaks.

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