– WHEN? –

When the soil is exhausted,
when the forest is no more,
how much does the atmosphere cover,
how much snow will melt?

How much does the tide rise,
how many fish in the sand?
When will the whales return?
how many birds will stay?

How long does the drought last?
When does the river Ligua return?
When is there wheat in the meadow
when hunger condemns us?

How much of the crowd escapes,
when the displaced packs up?
When the land is flooded,
when waters come up to the neck.

How much does the Amazon water?
When the storm is raging?
When the air is poison.
When it’s too late and there’s no remedy.

How much greenhouse effect?
When is there a real change?
How much CO2 is generated?
How many more conventions do we need?

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